Driver's License Reinstatement

DL resized 600 So you lost this, and you want it back.  We can help with that.  Many people lose their license for DUI revocations.  Others lose their license based upon convictions for moving violations or license related fraud. No matter the reason you have lost your driving priveliges, we have the ability to get your license reinstated and having you driving again legally.  

Our policy is that once we commit to getting you driving relief, we will continue with your case until you have some form of license.  We feel confident that if we take your case we can get you on the road again.

Preparing for a hearing at the Secretary of State takes specialized knowledge. Charles S. Beach and Associates has an attorney who is dedicated to license reinstatement and previously worked for the Secretary of State as a license reinstatement hearing officer.  We know the ins and outs of the Secretary of State process and can get you driving again legally.

Call us now to get the process started.  312-739-0500